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About Us

Established in 2001 Advance Cork International is one amongst the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of cork products to the wine and liquor industries, cosmetic companies, specialty food companies, glass companies, chemical industry and the fishing tackle industry. We offer an extensive inventory, prompt shipment & on-time delivery. For anything and everything in cork & cork products.

We have diversified in domestic retail space with our home curated brands 9 CORK and Home Decorz Store which are continuously thriving to make cork as a sustainable substitute to everyday usage things in home and office.

Our products are made of the finest quality cork and we provide customized solutions for different industrial usages. We have always managed to provide any amount of quantity required by our customers without compromising on the quality aspect because of our efficient manufacturing and supply systems.

As an environmentally aware and sensitive company we recognize the limited availability of this natural resource. We realize the uniqueness of cork tree and the fact that it will always be a limited resource. So we have to treat this natural resource with care, respect, and understanding so that it remains to a renewable resource.

We have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Khushkhera, Rajasthan. We use technologically latest equipment and machinery for production. There is regular investment in technical upgradation to come out with products that are of the best quality. Latest Machinery ensures best cutting, shaping and finishing of the products.

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