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Explore the diverse world of cork beyond conventional uses with a captivating range that extends to T-lights, wall decor, yoga accessories, cork jars, Christmas decor, soap dispensers, and serving bowls. This versatile material, known for its sustainability and unique aesthetic, brings a touch of nature to every aspect of your life. Cork T-lights exude warmth and charm, casting a soft glow in eco-friendly style. Wall decor made from cork combines artistry and environmental consciousness, transforming spaces with a natural and contemporary flair. Elevate your yoga practice with cork accessories, offering comfort and grip while aligning with your commitment to a greener lifestyle. Embrace the holistic appeal of cork across this diverse range, and redefine your living spaces with products that harmonize with both style and sustainability.

Cork Shelf Decor

Cork Wall Decor

Cork Hexa Wall Decor Tiles

Cork Photo Frames

Cork Yoga Accessories

Glass Jars with Cork Lid & Tray

Cork Christmas Decor


In 2011, the Parliament of the Republic declared the cork tree the national tree of Portugal.

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