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Discover the unmatched quality of  Cork stoppers – the epitome of sustainable craftsmanship. These stoppers, meticulously crafted from premium cork, provide an eco-friendly and elegant sealing solution for your bottles. Elevate your beverage experience with the natural charm and reliability of 9 Cork.

Natural Tapered Stopper

Plastic Cap Stopper

Agglomerated Cork Tapered Stopper

Agglomerated T-shape Stopper

Straight Stopper

Agglomerated T-shape Stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper

Cork Stopper

DO YOU KNOW???????

Which is the largest and oldest cork oak in the world?

The oldest and most productive cork oak in the world is the Whistler Tree, in Águas de Moura, in the Alentejo region (South of Portugal). The cork oak was planted in 1783, stands over 14 meters tall and the diameter of its trunk is 4.15 meters. Its name comes from the noise made by the numerous songbirds that shelter among its branches. Since 1820, it has been harvested over twenty times. Its 1991 harvest produced 1200 kg of cork, more than most cork oaks yield in a lifetime. This single harvest produced over one hundred thousand cork stoppers.

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