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Cork Tea Light Holders

Sustainable corporate gifting is not just a gesture; it’s a statement of values and a commitment to a greener, more responsible future. By choosing cork products, you contribute to sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact. Cork tea light holders come in various designs and shapes, making them versatile for different settings. Whether you prefer a simple and minimalist look or a more intricate design, there are options to suit every style. Some holders may feature carved patterns, while others showcase the natural texture of cork. Cork is known for its durability and heat resistance, making it an ideal material for tea light holders.

Cork Bark Tea light Holder

Cork Belly Tea Light Holders Set of 3

Cork Cube Tea Light Holder Set of 4

Cork Flat Tea Light Holder 3 in 1

Cork Square Tea Light Holder 4 in 1

Cork Tea Light Holder Cylindrical Olive set of 2

Cork Tea Light Holder Olive set of 3

Cork Tea LightHolder Cylindrical, Set of 2

Cork Tea Lights Holder Assorted set of 6

Cork Whitey Tea Light Holders Set of 3


In 2010, 168 bottles of Champagne were located in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Although Champagne is 170 years old, it is still drinkable because of the quality of the cork.
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